Whether you’re already a dedicated member of the AZ beer community or simply a Valley beer lover looking to expand your horizons, this handy guide is sure to quench your thirst for supporting local craft breweries. We’re going to be talking about:

  • Reasons to support independent brewers and craft breweries
  • Six simple ways to show your love for local breweries
  • Easy ideas for keeping the local craft beer scene alive and well

Shopping small is always a good idea, especially when you’re doing your part to support the delicious and unique craft beers created by your local breweries. And if you have an appreciation for craft beer, then you already know that the passionate people behind great brews aren’t just beer-makers – they’re true artists.

We’ve put together a guide that breaks down exactly why it’s so important to show your support for local breweries, and we’ve given you six ways to keep your favorite brewers in business.

Reasons to Support Local, Independent Brewers and How You Can Help Today

Even for the dedicated craft beer devotee, you somedays want the domestic beers from the store – but other days you choose to pour a glass of beer made by a brewery near you. That’s beer life, right? Luckily, with so many great local AZ craft beers for sale at area restaurants, breweries, and even retailers, it’s never been easier to shop – or rather, sip – craft or domestic!

Why Should I Care About Supporting Local Breweries?

Arizona breweries are crafting amazing, high-quality beers. But the fabulous flavor and a diverse range of brews aren’t the only reasons to support local breweries.

So, the next time you’re enjoying a beer from a Phoenix, Tucson, or Northern Arizona brewer, here are a few reasons you should feel good about what you’re drinking:

A Place to Experience Community

Local breweries continue the age-old legacy of the traditional neighborhood pub, a community space where a diverse range of patrons could come together and share good conversation, good company, and great beer. The best AZ breweries are the ones that open their doors to welcome locals and visitors alike, creating a warm and welcoming environment where community-centered values can flourish.

Support the Local Economy

Every dollar you spend at breweries in AZ goes directly back into your community, having a more significant impact than you might expect. And beyond the dollars and cents of it all, you’re also playing a part in supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship that makes the Arizona economy what it is today.

Behind every small business is a person who is truly passionate about what they create and do – and that’s one of the biggest contributions you can make to a better, brighter future. Did you know your favorite domestics started out as local craft breweries? It’s wonderful to watch a business grow and flourish into a national or even international favorite.

A Chance to Meet the Makers

As a craft beer enthusiast, you most likely admire the artistry behind the brews you know and love. So when you have the opportunity to meet a great beer’s creator, it adds a new element of enjoyment. At local breweries, it’s highly probable that you’ll cross paths with the innovative individuals that are producing your favorite AZ-made beers.

How Can I Support My Local Brewery?

1. Buy Directly or In Stores

If you have a few favorite beers that are made in Arizona, buy them straight from the brewery and check out the craft beer selection at your local store.

2. Enjoy at the Breweries

When you have a free afternoon or evening, kick back and enjoy some time on-site at the brewery, Order up a flight of your go-to brews, fill up on some great food, and immerse yourself in the positive atmosphere.

3. Buy Gift Cards

A gift card is a great way to help a brewery secure a new customer and a future loyal fan. Make brewery gift cards one of your go-to options for birthdays, holidays, and every other occasion.

4. Buy Brewery Merch

The money you spend on brewery merchandise benefits the business, but so does the fact that you’ll be representing their brand around town! Every time you wear that brewery tee, hat, or hoodie, you’re helping them spread awareness about their business.

5. Celebrate Them on Social Media

Every time you like, share, comment, or tag AZ breweries on social media, you’re helping them get their name out there and gain new customers.

6. Attend Brewery Events with Friends

Local businesses are typically hosting community events, including those that give back to charity and special causes. So, when breweries in your city have events on their calendar, make a point to attend – and bring your friends with you! When a small business is able to pull off a successful event, it empowers them to host more events in the future and be an even more active presence in the local community.

Other Ways to Support the Local Beer Community

If want to go above and beyond, here are even more ideas for supporting AZ beer:

  • Do the Arizona breweries near you serve lunch and dinner? Many do, and ordering food – either for in-restaurant dining or to-go – helps them keep their doors open.
  • Spread the word about great breweries near you, both through online reviews and personal recommendations to friends and family.
  • Get active in the local craft beer scene and don’t hesitate to mention small breweries when opportunities arise.

Drink in AZ: The Beverage Community You Can Join Now

Whether you prefer to pour a lager, stout, or pale ale, there’s one thing that all craft beer lovers can definitely agree on: independent brewers are the heart and soul of the craft beer world. So, the next time you’re thirsty, reach for a locally-brewed beer and support AZ brewers.

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